Shew the Goblin

Once a poor beaten goblin, now a proper goblin servant


Shew is a fairly young goblin, of an indeterminable age between 10-15, that is on the scrawnier side of goblin physiology. Having been thoroughly beaten several times in the past has caused him to have a skiddish personality and is somewhat fuddle-minded due to possible brain damage. While he is still capable of simple tasks such as cooking, cleaning, scouting, etc. his days of crafty and wily shenanigans that goblins usually get up to are over. He has formed a unique attachment with the Rough Rider Squadron and follows them eagerly and willingly.


Little is known about the past of Shew the Goblin, much of it lost to even himself due to a traumatic beating by several bugbears. Being that he can not even remember his original name, he has chosen to fully devote himself to those that helped save him from his merciless tormentors. Shew now dutifully serves as a sentry, pack-horse, and trap-finder for the Rough Rider Squadron (Inska Rem, Ash Flannigan, Ollie “Kif” Williams, Leonardo Mihalevic, Kane Greycastle, and Warren Greycastle).

He finds comfort in the little things in life like polishing Kane’s armor for the twelfth time today and ensuring all beds are made to exact specifications.

Shew the Goblin

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