Snapjaw Wugbane

Shaman chieftain of a lizardfolk tribe residing in Castle Naerytar in the Mere of Dead Men.


Snapjaw is part of the Jarr Jarr clan known to dwell in the Mere of Dead Men. His clan long experienced a rivalry with a neighboring bullywug camp which usually resulted with each other hunting down their enemies when vulnerable chances emerged. This all changed when the dragon cult moved into the dilapidated castle that they used as a storage place for their village. Corralled by the cultists, both tribes were forced to work together under the yoke of a vicious black dragonborn. Having lost much of their tribes power, the bullywugs were able to tip the scales and force the lizardfolk to be servants until the Equality Brigade rooted out both the cultists and bullywugs from their nests.

Currently, Snapjaw is helping his brethren to fix up Castle Naerytar after the battle of Glibberaxx. With the Castle firmly under their control, a key fortress on the Sword Coast now belongs in the possession of the Equality Brigade as long as they remain allies with their scaly-folk friends.


Snapjaw grew up just like any other member of the Jarr Jarr clan in the midst of the Mere of Dead Men. When it became apparent that he had the mystical talents to become a shaman he was introduced to the responsibilities that would later become his duty as spiritual guider of the tribe. His first and foremost duty is the safeguarding of the tribe, no matter his personal opinions, and will always do what he can to ensure their thriving success.

Snapjaw was brought back to life several times in a matter of minutes. The deliberate trauma placed upon him has made him a loyal servant of the Equality Brigade, however his understandable trepidation at having gone through a trauma like this has left him without a strong urge to fight.

Snapjaw Wugbane

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