Red-Plume stableboy turned EB steward apprentice


RetainersTodd was freed from servitude by members of the Equality Brigade and he has been ever grateful to them since. Having new prospects about his life and future, he has devoted himself to learning all that he can to become a better asset to the people who saved his life. Currently, he is studying administrative duties under the guidance of Kieran Darkwater at the Mulmaster HQ guild-house.


Todd was once a poor urchin who grew up on the streets of Hillsfar. Having few options to rise out of this status with little education and no discernible skills, he turned to doing the few jobs he could: menial labor for various people around Hillsfar. Eventually this led him to become a stable hand for the Red Plume mercenaries that were hired to patrol a recently excavated entrance to the Underdark. During this time of mounting tension between races and madness seeping up from the demonic chasms, Todd learned just how cruel humans could be when he was forced to live in slave-like conditions by the Red Plumes.


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