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Arrizz, The Scarred One

"What can I say, I love the damn fool of a drow. Sure he can be gruff and a bit rude at times, but by drow standards that is as nice as they come. I don't know much about his past, but I do know he was running from something when we first met. Probably for something silly like stepping on a spider, I hear they are crazy about those things. Ewww. . . He did say something about getting help escaping once. I think he called them the Breegan Darth. Maybe Brigand Death? I'm not sure. Anyways, he's up here now, paying off his service to them helping contact suppliers and such."  

- Deriel Rethslane, Moon Elf Ranger

Physical Description

Arrizz is a male drow that appears to be somewhere within his first or second century of life. He is about 5'7" in height and has a lithe yet muscular build similar to the rest of his race. What was once decievingly beautiful skin, typical for drow elves, has been scarred over by grotesque growths. It seems that, through several operations and the use of certain ointments, his skin shape has somewhat improved though it will be forever marred from its previous condition.

Early Life

Not much is known about Arrizz's past as he tends to refuse any questions asked about it. All information collected on him has been after his arrival to the surface. Early on in his trek he contracted a illness known as Deep Rot and nearly succumbed to it on a farm near Hillsfar. By luck a group of adventurers passing aided the young farm owner and him before moving on to deal with other problems in Hillsfar. Surviving the illness took its toll as it left him horribly covered in scars across his body that marred the once attractive physique of a male drow. Now he prefers little communication with others and tries to contact only those that he already has previous dealings with.

Equality Brigade Contract

Encountered Module: DDEX 03-13, Writhing in the Dark

Arrizz began his association with the Equality Brigade long before he actually became part of their collective operation. The event that led to his joining was during the Rage of Demons cataclysm that raged across the Moonsea for some time. Arrizz found himself in a compromising situation and was bound by servants of a rogue illithid attempting to wreak havoc in the Underdark. Released from his imprisonment by the Equality Brigade, Arrizz found himself in a tenuous position and accepted help in exchange for signing a contract with Madame Chelsea, Emissary of the EB. With the pact sealed, Arrizz became their contact for anytime they need aid or information from the Underdark.

Threadweaver Assistance

Arrizz provides assistance to the Threadweaver Network by providing unusual items or rare ingredients and components to the above ground contacts. These supplies mainly consist of delicate spell components, found only in the Underdark, that are used by Taman to perform certain divination rituals as well as subtle poisons that Ril uses to enhance the deadliness of her blades. Dealing with prejudice of being a drow, as well as his bodily disfigurement, Arrizz has resolved to not set foot upon the surface again and lives in the area between the surface and Underdark in the area known as the Upperdark.


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