Castle Naerytar

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Castle Naerytar, Bastion of the Marsh

"This one's a nicely built stronghold. Tough stone that can weather the terrain and withstand a beating, while still being light enough to not sink down in the bog. I reckon this place'll be standing long after I return to the Stone. Gotta watch those tunnels though, they go on for miles out into the marsh, let's that moisture seep underneath you. I reckon' me an my lads can patch those up nice and quick for ya. Let's say 40 gold per tunnel entrance, thrown in an extra 300 and we can shore up those walls and reinforce the walls with stone linings. Do that and you can have a proper basement, something even a dwarven mother could be proud of. So what do ye say?"

- Dimela Tunnelcrusher, Dwarven Architect

Castle Naerytar

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