Faltyn Gos

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Faltyn Gos, Zor of Mulmaster


"Such a right an' proper gentleman he is! Never seen someone with as many medals an' titles as 'im. I'ma sure glad he 'ired me to work in 'is kitchen I am. Always treat me right an' proper 'e does. Just don't get on 'is bad side, Ohhhhhh never get on 'is bad side. He may be a fair an' just sir, but 'is wrath can come down like a terrible thunder it can."

-Gwendyl Hollypock, Halfling Scullery Maid

Physical Appearance

Faltyn Gos is a man both large in stature and self-confidence. He stands at a height of six feet tall and has the build of a man who spent his younger days laboring among the forge. His hair is a deep black that has recently been touched by streaks of gray, while blood-shot brown eyes belie his lifestyle of late night soirées and over-indulgence of wine and spirits. His large calloused hands tend to readjust his shirt quite often, as his age and consumption habits start to show around his stomach.



Equality Brigade Contract

Encountered Module: DDEX 02-05, Flames of Kythorn

Faltyn Gos

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