Madame Freona

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Madame Freona, The Flock Mother

"Madame Freona's is the one place in Phlan you can truly feel comfortable and welcomed at any time. This lady knows just how to make anyone smile with a clever joke or polite compliment. She must earn a pretty copper from all the adventurers passing through,  ensnared what with her fetching form and her charming wit. The one mystery about her place though is just how many daughters she has. Seems every time I come back for another visit a new one seems to sprout out of nowhere!" 

- Jorun Cobblefoot, Dwarven Merchant

Physical Appearance



 "a stout and officious halfling who runs the establishment with her five daughters, has proven an excellent hostess." -Albert Longfellow

    Madame Freona is a middle aged halfling woman whose charming looks hide a vault of mysteries behind a smile. Ever present with a sharp-witted joke and a tankard in hand, anyone that visits the Tea Kettle feels that they have met their second mother. She is a warm-hearted jovial lady but is quick to put a stop to any shenanigans before they get out of hand.

Equality Brigade Contract

Encountered Module: DDEX 01-01, Defiance in Phlan

Madame Freona

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