Urdun Brizik

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Urdun Brizik, The Unlucky Innkeeper


"Quite a charming chap he is! At least after ye get all the jitters out of him. I swear, everytime I visit his inn it looks like he's about to faint because something's not quite right with the set up. 'These flowers aren't the right color' or 'those platters don't match the curtain decor' or some other such silly nonsense. I tell ya, if it weren't for his steadfast wife he'd probably be out of business by now, buried by his obsession with pointless little details. Shame about that whole fire incident, seems she's almost become as skittish as him ever since."

- Villap Shortsaddle, Halfling Minstrel


Physical Appearance




Equality Brigade Contract

Encountered Module: DDEX 02-05, Flames of Kythorn

Urdun Brizik

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